Headmaster 's Message :

imageShri. M.R. Borah, Headmaster

“Knowledge is Power”. Knowledge makes a man successful in life. It must be accesible and affordable to all. Traditionally, educational institutions and later on Print Media have been playing the pivotal role in imparting knowledge in the world. Now in the digitalisation world the T.V., internet and mobile help to spread the knowledge among the masses. These technologies are very fast spreader of knowledge. It attracts the youngs and influence in their mind. So the input information and messages must be true and correct.

Keeping in mind the changes taken place in the world our school is also trying to equipe itself with the latest technology and comtemporary trends of teaching and learning pedagogy. The school is scaling a new height by encouraging the teachers to strive for excellence in teaching and acquiring professional training to enhence the quality of learners.

I am very much pleased to mention that the school has a young, energetic and dedicated team of well-trained teachers and staff who are committed to the well-being of the learners.

The school look forward to the continued support of the parents, students and members of the community as well as from the well wishers. Wishing the students very best in their journey of learning.

Good Luck. God bless you.

Shri. M.R. Borah,
Shillong Vidyalaya Secondary School
Bishnupur, Shillong – 04