Activities :

Co-curricular activities are those activities that are outside of the curriculum but usually complementing the regular curriculum. They are the activities that are recognized by a school or an institution, that fall beyond the domain of academic curriculum but are an essential part of a student’s life at an educational institute. Co-curricular activities that are included in the school calendar are:

  • Annual Sports Week
  • Independence Day games.
  • Quiz competition
  • Drawing competition
  • Dancing competition
  • Singing competition
  • Essay writing
  • Teachers Day
  • Children’s day
  • Tree plantation program
  • Exhibitions

Community Relationship activities : In many context participation of communities in the operation of schools has helped increase access, retention and attendance rate of children to school. Education is a social activity in which, in addition to the school, society plays the role of a facilitator and partner. Successful schools understand the importance of establishing good and harmonious relations with the community in which they lie. In order to enhance the community’s participation in education, it is essential to promote a school environment where community member feel welcomed, respected, trusted, heard and needed. Some of the regular community relationship programs are:

  • Awareness program on drug abuse, Disaster management, illicit trafficking etc.
  • Cleaning drive organized by the NGOs, Swatch Bharat Mission and the local authority.
  • Entrance exam organize by Guwahaty University.
  • Participate in the events organized by the District Sports officer, Reliance Foundation, the neighboring school events etc.
  • Participated in the e-waste workshop, Kara Sambhav School Programme
  • Teachers Training Programme.
  • Teachers Script Writing Workshop.
  • Scout Master Training organised by Bharat Scouts & Guides.

Parents – Teachers Meeting : This is the meeting between the learners’ parents and the teachers, to talk about the child’s learning and progress. Parent – teacher meeting play a significant role in enhancing a child’s education. It is an effective way for both parents as well as teachers to discuss how the child has been doing in school. Meetings are organized twice a year or as and when need arises.

School Management – Teachers Meeting: The School Management members either through the President or the Secretary of the management conducts a regular meeting with the teachers as to discuss, walk through, instruct and enlighten about the objectives, aspirations and anguish of the both the parties

Health Check up is to check the state of complete physical, mental and social well being of the child. Health check – up in school is important as it can help: -

  • To assess normal development of the child.
  • To keep a track of immunization schedule.
  • Early detection of disease/abnormalities, if any.
  • To provide specialist services to needy children.