About The School :

Shillong Vidyalaya Secondary School was started in the Assam Kala – Parishad building in 1950. Late Hasibuddin Ahmed was the founder Headmaster of the school. The school was initially known as Assamese Boys’ School. Later, the name of the school has been changed to Shillong Vidyalaya and it was shifted to the present location (Bishnupur, East Khasi Hills District) in the year 1951. It was an Upper Primary School till 1960 and it was elevated to the Secondary level in 1961 and it was brought under deficit system on the 23rd March 1963.

Since its inception, the school was only for the boys learners. However, in the year 2007, it was converted to a co – education institution. This School is also one of the centres for organising the Bihu programme during the month of April. The school also provides opportunity for organising some meetings for the local Dorbar Shnong. ....Read more

Headmaster 's Message :

"Knowledge is Power". Knowledge makes a man successful in life. It must be accesible and affordable to all. Traditionally, educational institutions and later on Print Media have been playing the pivotal role in imparting knowledge in the world. Now in the digitalisation world the T.V., internet and mobile help to spread the knowledge among the masses. These technologies are very fast spreader of knowledge. It attracts the youngs and influence in their mind. So the input information and messages must be true and correct.

Keeping in mind the changes taken place in the world our school is also trying to equipe itself with the latest technology and comtemporary trends of teaching and learning pedagogy. The school is scaling a new height by encouraging the teachers to strive for excellence in teaching and acquiring professional training to enhence the quality of learners. ....Read more

imageShri. M.R. Borah, Headmaster

Mission & Vision :

Motto :

“Knowledge is Power”

Mission :

To bring about the all round development of a child, the school is trying its best to find out the various loop holes that are existing in the school which can hamper the school’s and the child’s performance.

Vision :

The “all round development of a child”, is the vision of our school. All round development of children is the key focus of Education impartation of our school. Studies state that the most important area of development that help in character building and holistic grooming of children are cognitive development, emotional development, communication development, social skill development and physical development. For true, all – round development, it is essential to cover and develop all powers of the child’s physical, mental, emotional, social, moral and spiritual

Latest School Events:

World Environment Day - 2023

Winners of Spoken English

School Cleaning Campaign

Time Table :

Monday - Friday:
9:45 a.m-3:30 p.m
Lunch Break:
12:40 p.m-1:10 p.m
Monday - Friday: (School office)
9 a.m-3:30 p.m